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North Tech Drilling

North Tech Drilling (NTD), a subsidiary of the Icelandic company North Tech Energy, specializes in supplying energy companies with proficient and flexible talent for geothermal drilling services around the world.

For your geothermal drilling projects to be completed on schedule, and within budget, you will need

experts with experience.

NTD is offering state-of-the-art drilling rigs, and equipment that is designed specifically for geothermal drilling. The specialized rig for small hole drilling is track-mounted in order for mobilization within difficult areas. This helps NTD minimize our environmental footprint, as well as infrastructure and mobilization costs. We are one of few companies in the world that has experience in drilling geothermal exploration and production wells, and setting up flow test equipment, including performing flow tests.

To reduce costs, NTD has developed a new proprietary Geothermal Drilling Technology

Significant reduction in the investment needed to make projects bankable

Use of much smaller well-pads, roads, and other necessary infrastructure used for drilling

Reducing the cost of possible failure, resulting in an overall lower project risk

Small, cost-effective, and standardized geothermal power generators can be installed directly onto the well, replacing costly and fossil-fuel heavy diesel generators

Reduction in surface (landscape) footprint and environmental impact

The perfect solution for geothermally-active yet very isolated areas, and ideal for creating savings during the further exploration of a geothermal field

Geothermal wells provide crucial information on:
  • Full Core

  • Geology

  • Chemistry

  • Permeability

  • Reservoir Temperature

  • Reservoir Pressure

  • Productivity

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