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Our Team


Geir Hagalinsson

Managing Director of Operations and Drilling

Geir founded North Tech Energy in 2009 and has been operating the company ever since. Geir began his career in the geothermal drilling sector in 1996. In 2006, he moved to England where he worked as Project Manager for Larchford LTD. During his studies in Aberdeen, Geir worked for Global Resources, and was hired at Diamond Offshore Drilling following his graduation. Before returning full time to North Tech Energy in 2015, Geir was positioned as a Hydraulic Engineer at Maersk Drilling in Norway.

Geir studied Mechanical and Offshore engineering at the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland. He also holds level D in Marine Engineering from the Marine Engineering College in Iceland.

+354 899 9780

Bjarni Gunnar Guðmundsson

Drilling Superintendent

Bjarni has extensive experience in geothermal drilling, beginning his career in 1979 with offshore oil & gas drilling in California, in the US. Following this, Bjarni worked with Jarðboranir hf. (Iceland Drilling Company Ltd.) in 1981 as a Drilling Specialist & Consultant. His work involved drilling for geothermal -- working with temperatures ranging from 50 to 450 °C, directional drilling, coring, and water well drilling.


Bjarni has worked primarily in Iceland, where he was involved in various ventures such as the Iceland Deep Drilling Project (IDDP). The aim of these projects was to find critical temperatures right here in Iceland. IDDP 1 was drilled into magma, at 2100 meters, at Krafla power plant, and IDDP 2 was drilled at Reykjanes power plant, measuring temperatures around 450 C°.  Other countries Bjarni has worked in include the Açores to drill water and geothermal wells, New Zealand to drill geothermal wells for MRP, and the US to drill for oil & gas.

NTD Drilling Supervisor

Sveinbjörn Bjarnason

Drilling Superintendent

Sveinbjörn has been the Drilling Supervisor at North Tech Energy since 2021, and is the current Project Manager at NTD.


He has past experience as the Project and Service Manager at Iceland Drilling Company Ltd. He has been working in the drilling industry since 2004, and has experience working in Iceland, the Açores, New Zealand, Rwanda, the Philippines, Nicaragua, India, and most recently Chile.

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